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The advancement of Artificial Intelligence is a threat or a comfort..!
  • Anil

Either it's about opening a lock with your fingerprint, recognizing the face by scanning or it relates to diagnosing a disease through a machine. This all leads our way to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The future of AI can be either threatening or comforting to humanity. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at a faster rate in today's world. Inventions are being made and increasing day by day. However, can we predict the future of AI? Is it going to occupy the world? Is the manpower going to be replaced by the Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be the best and the worst thing that happens to humanity. Yes, you read it right…! It can be best if used for the wellbeing of mankind and can be worst if used for destructive purposes.

Let say,

We have developed a machine to facilitate a worker at a job place. This will save time and give results faster.

On the contrary

We develop a super intelligent machine with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can do all the work that is supposed to be done by a worker. This thing will create unemployment.

Let's have a look at some interesting facts about AI

What kind of image do you have in your mind about robots? Of course a feeling less and just a task performing machine. Well, it's going to be a story of olden days. The robots have been developed that can understand the human feelings. The researchers are hopeful that they will develop a robot that can live and can be a friend to humans in near future.

The flying cars will be a gift of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future. It will be like a dream coming true.

Do you know the social media is using Artificial Intelligence to read the user's mind, in this way they matchthe results to your preferences and show the desired results…

Let's have a look at some fun facts about AI

Have you ever thought that Artificial Intelligence can be fooled? Yes, it can be. Ultimately it's not a human who will make a decision according to the situation, it's a machine after all that has already feed statistics on which it gives results. For example, there is a variety of fruits and orange is stored as instruction in a machine. If the machine is supposed to detect a fruit similar to orange then it won't be able to detect its name. Same is the case with traffic rules, numeric values etc. Alongside the spam factor can affect the efficiency of the machine.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) always uses the female voices.

Gadgets and apps that use AI

1. The snap chat's filters are the example of artificial intelligence.

2. The cars like Cadillac will be having an auto-driving system in future with the help of artificial intelligence.

3. Drones and missiles use artificial intelligence.

4. Even your smartphones are an example of AI.

5. The smart camera technology also works on artificial intelligence.

Pros of AI

1. It can be used for developmental work.

2. It can save a lot of time.

3. The artificial intelligence will change the meaning of communication and transportation in future.

Cons of AI

1. It can be destructive to humanity.

2. Maybe a robot is designed to do a better work in society but as a matter of fact, a robot does not have a sense of right and wrong. So it may adopt a wrong way to do a right thing.

3. The automated cars may go wrong if the system is hacked.

4. The robots may beat humans or ask for equality.

The future of AI is bright as the researchers are working hard. However, we can only wish that the advancement of Artificial Intelligence will work in the favor of humanity.

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  • Anil

We, humans, are so investigative. We tend to check the quality of anything that lies in front of us. From vegetables to a comfortable home, we do a variety of quality checks to see if it matches proper standards. The exam is also a kind of quality check. It is an analysis process from two perspectives. Student and the teacher (or) the school. As a student, you can check how far you have understood a subject and its concepts. For teachers and school, they will test your ability and capacity to cope up with stress and excel in a field. Knowing what the exam is all about would help you in tackling the taste success in your studies.

As a student, you should know how to study for a test without any issues. Now, let us see how to cope up with the stress and panic that occurs during various stages of examination.

You should start to plan how to study for a test from your regular school days itself. Follow these steps to reduce mental tension and panic during exam time.

Stage 1: Day before the exam

Your mindset on the day before the exam affects your performance. Following these steps would help you overcome stress.

1. Do skimming

Skimming means short reading. Just read to recollect the portions required for the exams. Don't study at the last minute. It will mount the stress and makes you panic. You will feel blank and forget all that you read if you panic.

2. Seek help

If you need extra help with your preparation, you can visit TutorDip, which will guide you on how to study for a test, clear your doubts on any subject and helps you handle the stress before the exam. TutorDip has qualified and efficient online tutors who are available 24 hours on all days to guide you in your studies.

3. Keep yourself relaxed

Make time for some entertainment as it may relax your mind. You can watch movies, play with your pet, listen to songs. Try to avoid panic. Sleep as much as you want because it helps to calm your mind and retains your memory.

4. Think positive

Develop positive thoughts about your exams. Keep telling yourself that you will perform more than the expected level and score good marks.

Stage 2: After you get into the exam hall, keep in mind about these points.

1. Breathe freely

Do a simple breathing exercise, inhale and exhale 5-10 times once you get seated in the exam hall. Breathing helps to calm your mind, and you will not have any tension going on in your mind.

2. Read the question paper word by word

Once you receive the question paper, relax and read the question paper thoroughly. Understand the question and mentally prepare patterns in which you will answer the question.

3. Write the known answers first.

When you see the questions you don’t know much about, don't panic. Write the answers you know at first and later write other answers you have less idea about.

4. Avoid last minute writing stress

Make sure you finish the exam 10 minutes before the final bell. If you write till the last minute, you may develop fear which makes you forget what you are supposed to write.

Stage 3: After you finish your exam

Don't try to discuss with others about answers or check the answers in the book. Sometimes, you may have given a wrong answer which creates negative thoughts that may ruin your next exam too. As you already know how to study for a test, Keep a fresh mind and prepare for the next exam. All the best.

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  • Anil

The dilemma to choose between convention and technology has become relatively common these days. While this confusion is present in almost all aspects of everyday life, it is conspicuous in the sphere of education. The majority of the society refuses to deviate from convention. The most obvious reason behind this state of conformity is that people aren’t fully aware of the other options available, about how they can exploit technology and the modern networking to improve the quality, ease, and flexibility of learning. It is about time that people understand how online tutoring is beneficial to explore and thus widen their learning experience.

It is necessary that both the sides, the student and the teacher areaware of how they can benefit from online education. Here are a few perks of the same:

1. The choice of venue

Online learning provides the benefit of choosing one’s venue for learning. It helps to tackle factors such as travel expenses and time consumption for the travel. Thus both money and time can be saved, and the learning process can be compact and precise.

2. An excellent provision to open up and ask doubts

It is quite a common thing to witness the hesitation of a few or sometimes a majority of the students to ask doubts, to interact with the tutor directly or rather publicly in a classroom. Most students are shy to interrupt a class and ask queries. This shyness is non-existent in online education. It is a more private and personal platform for students for asking any academic help, whether it is to help with math problems,or anything related to any subject. The plus factor is that the student can ask doubts at anytime according to his/her comfort.

3. The availability of recorded lessons

A student can exploit this facility by reviewing or learning the recorded lessons provided by the tutors at anytime and can even repeat it for more comprehension and analysis. This is a flexible feature which the students can use for revision, homework, etc. based on their conveniences.

4. More options to choose from

In the case of conventional or direct tutoring, there are limits which include choosing the tutor of your convenience. One is bound to be tutored by the academic faculty provided by the corresponding educational institution. Also in the case of private tuitions, it is quite tedious to find a suitable tutor, and they are restricted to choose from the local area in which one lives. Quite contrarily, in the case of online learning, the students are provided with the benefit of selecting the tutors of their choice and has more extensive options to choose from, be it locally, nationally, or it can even be from foreign nationalities.

5.Virtual classrooms

Quite ironically the virtual classrooms have proved to be more interactive and convenient for the students nowadays. Both the student and the tutor can benefit from them. With interactive video sessions, the students can test their knowledge on the subject.

6. The relative cheapness of online learning

While a majority of the population still resort to traditional tuitions, they aren’t aware of how much money they can save through online learning. Students can witness a better interactive session at affordable rates. We at TutorDip offer excellent tutors and learning provisions at cheap rates.

7. Properly scheduled and organized

When learning online students choose the time for online lectures and classes by checking the schedule set by the tutors. This is an excellent benefit which can be exploited by both the student and the tutor because the learning process can take place at a mutually convenient time.

8. The tutor’s benefits

The tutor can use online teaching platform as an opportunity to involve their profession and skills at spare times. It not only can be a useful tool to earn money but also to improve professionally by being accustomed to the latest advances in technology in the sphere of teaching. The best thing about teaching online is that there are always students available asking for assistance to improve communication skills or to help with math problems.

Thus it has become necessary for online education to go side by side with conventional ones. It is much more convenient, and the only few difficulties one can face is maybe some errors and delay caused due to a poor internet connection. It is advised that the tutors and students sign up in Tutordip for effective online learning at cheap rates. The opportunities both the student and the tutor can receive are boundless with this revolutionary system.

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