Frequently Asked Questions

Tutordip.com is the cheapest online tutoring service where student can interact with our tutors to get help in various subjects including- “Computer science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English etc as our professional tutors are available all time.
Students have to choose the subject in which they need help and after that, they will get the list of expert tutors along with specialization in particular subject and they can chat with tutors directly.
No, Student don’t have to pay for chatting, they can share their subject problem directly via texting or file sharing in chatting with tutor. After that student have to send the required tutoring time to tutor.
Student and Tutor agree upon the time that tutor will require in solving that particular problem/assignment. Students have to buy the tutoring time from pricing page according to their requirements. For example, if a student and tutor agree for a tutoring time of 30 minutes then student have to send 30 minutes tutoring time to selected tutor.
Student can send the required tutoring time to tutor with the help of Tutor profile.
Tutor will send you explanation/solution of your problem directly in chat. It can be either handwritten or typed format. Tutor will also clear all of your doubts in chat.
Yes, You can chat with the same tutor via chat box. You just have to sign in and you will see the chat box where you can chat with last connected tutors.
No, Your tutoring time will not expire. Suppose you buy a tutoring time of 60 minutes from the pricing page but for a certain problem/assignment tutor asked for only 45 minutes tutoring time, then you can send 45 minutes tutoring time to tutor and you can check the remaining tutoring time i.e. 15 minutes in your account on top of your page. The remaining tutoring time can get in use any time with any tutor whenever you want.
For any queries and problems, sending a mail to support@tutordip.com