How Does TutorDip Work?

3 Steps To Enhance Your Grade

Find Live Online Tutor

Experienced Tutors over the globe sign on to their systems to impart training to those who choose for online tutoring. So, you do not have to worry if a particular subject’s expert lives in another country.

Chat With Tutor

Students can interact with an expert tutor and send their assignment/ problem/ projects to tutor and can ask for explanations if they won't get their concept clear once.

Send Tutoring Time

Buy Tutoring Time from the pricing page and can send tutoring time to tutor via Tutor profile itself. Students will get appropriate solutions to their problems and assignments in either handwritten or typed format.

Tutoring Services at TutorDip

Using Online tutoring service is the best and effective way for the students to get help and deep understanding of the topic and problems with multiple types of solutions. With the help of online tutors, students are presently experiencing another method of studying that is most practical and convenient.

Though we offer the facility to the student all over the world and the students have the opportunity to select any tutor available on the website and connect instantly. Learning subjects like Programming and deep understanding of the problems are becoming possible nowadays with tutoring services, which are used to make the whole process of online learning more convenient and provide accurate solutions to student’s queries.

How beneficial is TutorDip playing a role for students?

TutorDip is really beneficial for students as it helps you to provide an accurate solution for your problems, assignment, projects, and Quiz. Students can ask for their queries and appropriate solutions for last minutes assignments, and projects at low cost as home tutor used to take high cost and also not available for all time as online tutoring service.

How Students Send their “Required Tutoring Time” To Tutor

A student can buy tutoring time from the pricing page and can send tutoring time to tutor via Tutor profile itself, where tutoring time meant to the Time which tutors require to write the solution/explanations. Tutoring time doesn’t include chat time as chat is free of cost.

Let the tutor know the format in which you want your answer which is either handwritten pdf or typed notepad or code files like “.c”. After that if you have any doubts you can ask with tutor .for an appropriate explanation will be given to you for each and every problem until you feel satisfied with the solutions of your assignments and problems.

Students will have their individual history page where they can see their last transactions and assignment given to the tutors. In case of any query or any problem with payment or any tutor related issue, you can directly contact the support team and you will get the instant support from us for sure. We hope our great relation ahead.

Solutions and appropriate answers for engineering problems and assignments are also available here which include multiple branches of engineering like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical and Computer Science as we have professional science tutor and Statistics Tutor with specialization.

How to utilize your precious time with our tutoring time services?

You can easily utilize your precious time by buying this tutoring time from pricing page of our website where you can get all our plans with their price and latest updates. You have to send the amount of tutoring time which will be already negotiated by a tutor. There is no issue if you buy more time than the required time as you can utilize your time for the next time whenever you have to give another question in which you can directly send tutoring time to your tutor without going to the pricing page and then to buy it according to your requirement. You can see your remaining tutoring time left on the top of the page of your account.

Take Advantage

Students can take advantage of this time by taking an appropriate solution and answer to your problem and until you get satisfied you can ask our tutor for the explanation which will enhance your skills to solve the problems and whenever you will face this type of problem in your exams, presentation, and learning programming, you can easily use the concept you learnt from our tutors and let your score improve and take you to the goal of your scholarship for your dream university.