Terms of Services

TutorDip Terms of Services

TutorDip offers an online platform that associate tutors with Individuals seeking tutoring services and other services related thereto through our TutorDip website, available at www.TutorDip.com. Our Tutoring Services at TutorDip include the capability for Users and Tutors to interact via the TutorDip platform's interface or other techniques as may be made accessible by TutorDip from time to time.

Before proceeding ahead please read the given terms and conditions carefully. These User Terms of Service regulate your access to and use of the Site, Services, and Collective Content and constitute a binding legal reconciliation between you and TutorDip.

Key Service related terms:

Content: it means text, images, graphics, software, video, information or other materials, audio.

Tutoring Time: It meant to the Time which tutors require to write the solution/explanations. Tutoring time doesn't include chat time as chat is free of cost.

Student: It means any User of the Tutoring and other Services of TutorDip, it also includes anyone who reserves or schedule Tutoring.

Tutor: Define a Tutoring Service provider accessible via the Platform and the one who signed up and approved Tutors.

Tutoring Services: it means any Tutoring Services a Student may get from a Tutor on the Platform TutorDip.

User: A user simply means Students, Tutors, Moderators or anyone visiting the Website for any purpose including but not finite to using Community Forum of the TutorDip for educational purposes.

These Terms of Services shall apply to each and every User who either joined TutorDip for the purpose of online Tutoring and/or using the Community forum for educational purposes.

Welcome of these Terms of Services shall mean that you also take that: TutorDip may at any time change or modify these Terms of Services. We will notify for any changes or modification through email to our Users at the email addresses they registered during the registration process. However, we don't obtain any liability for any such notification; therefore, we advise you to read our Terms and conditions available on our Website on regular basis.

Your continued use of any section of the Website following the modification of the updated terms of Services will constitute your acceptance of the changes and modifications. By accepting these Terms of Services you agree that youremain bound by these Terms of Services.

Eligibility of Students, Account Registration & Termination
  • Students are eligible to use the Services of TutorDip if you are a studying seeking Tutoring Services online and you are aged 14 or over however, you must review these Terms of Services with your parent or guardian to ensure that you and your parent or guardian understand and agree to it. Also, confirm that all information you provide to register an account on the Website must be accurate and complete.
  • Students are not authorized to use the Services of TutorDip if you previously had registered account(s) suspended or closed by TutorDip.
  • User registered on the TutorDip site must not use the Services with multiple accounts. Only one account is allowed to single user.
  • You are completely responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your account, Username, and password of the account registered with TutorDip.
  • By registering your account with TutorDip, you agree that you will not sell or share or otherwise transfer your account or any other rights to anyone else.
  • Student, being User at TutorDip must notify immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or access to your password.
  • TutorDip has the right to terminate or block your account for any reason at its sole discretion without any notice and without any liability.
Content Validity:

You are exclusively in charge for the content you submit through or in connection with TutorDip Services including but not limited to our Community Forum Services. You must comply by the following rules, as TutorDip may terminate the responsible accounts in addition to removing any unsuitable or prohibited content you put on its Website, and/or immediately report such activities to law enforcement authorities as appropriate. Prohibited User Content may include but not limited to Content that we may determine as:

  • Obviously hostile or promotes or otherwise actuates racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any type against any group or individual.
  • Harassing or advocates harassment of another person.
  • It is exploiting or may exploit people in a sexual or violent manner.
  • It contains nudity, violence, or offensive subject matter or contains a link to an adult Website.
  • Content possesses information that poses or creates a privacy or security risk to any person.
Restricted and Prohibited Activities

Users must treat all Tutors with respect and refrain from using any abusive language or passing any remarks which may be classified as racist, homophobic, sexist or defamatory at all times.

Students and Tutors don't allow to share their personal details like email address, contact number and so on. If we found it then we will terminate both Student and Tutor account and will not pay any amount.

Tutors at TutorDip

All of the Tutors we take on board have to go through various quality tests but their inclusion in our Tutors list do not constitute a representation or warranty by TutorDip. Tutors are of a best moral character and are well-qualified to provide the Tutoring Services which they give through the Platform. Tutors at TutorDip are all self-employed. They are not employed or engaged by TutorDip and are not the responsibility of TutorDip.

If we found that tutor is doing some fraud and not giving back its tutoring time back to students, then we terminate your account right away and we will not give a payment of that week.

Tutors Reviews and Rankings
  • To maintain the quality standard of the Platform. We encourage our Students to give feedback on the Tutoring Sessions by ranking them, as their ranking may help other Students to choose from a wide list of Tutors and being able to evaluate each Tutor based on a strict quality ranking system we have selected.
  • It is the choice of users to give ranking to the Tutors and the Platform accepts no liability of the same. However, we advise all Students to give their honest and fair opinion to help other Students to evaluate Tutors in advance.
  • TutorDip may decline to publish a ranking where we consider in our complete and absolute discretion that the ranking made is unfair, inaccurate or otherwise result of some dispute between Tutor and Students.
Cancellation and Refunds

If the student is not satisfied with the explanation or solutions received from tutor then a student can contact support regarding this and after looking into this matter support will give tutoring time back into the student account.

You can only ask for a refund only when the Tutor failed to answer user's query or questions or couldn't able to provide appropriate explanation to student's problems after sending the tutoring time to Tutor.

Payments and Card Transactions
  • All financial transactions will be processed in US Dollars. Be that as it may, the Services are not planned for conveyance or use in any ward or nation where such dissemination or utilize would be in opposition to law or direction or which would subject TutorDip to any enrollment prerequisite inside such purview or nation.
  • TutorDip reserve the right to amend the Service charges/fee from time to time according to tutoring time which students used to buy from TutorDip without giving any prior notice.
Disruption or Suspension of the Website

TutorDip does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation and availability of the Website. From time to time, the TutorDip may be unavailable for any number of reasons including without limitation:

  • The performance of scheduled maintenance including on servers and data lines.
  • The performance of emergency unscheduled maintenance and/or repairs including on servers and data lines.

In the event of your conflict with the Tutor, you require notifying to the TutorDip Support within 24 hours of such happening with proofs at our email support@tutordip.com by doing this, you make us aware of any miss happening and/or help to avoid other students face the same thing.


TutorDip will not ask students for their personal information such as account Username, and secret key (password) or any of your debits or credit card information via email or text message. TutorDip will not responsible for any misuse of such information if you provide such information via email or text message.